Blog9ja Review: Make Money With Your Facebook Account


blog9ja review

Blog9ja Review: Make Money With Your Facebook Account

Blog9ja Review has been updated as we roll out the latest details of what you need to know about this make money online platform known as Blog9ja Income Program.

If you’ve ever heard about the trending online income platform by Name “NNU (Nigerian News Update)” this is exactly how Blog9ja is but with a better feature.

Firstly before we Proceed on how to make money on Blog9ja, we would like to introduce the platform first.

Blog9ja Review: What is Blog9ja Income Program?

We know you must have been thinking about what Blog9ja Income Program is all about but no worries as we’ll try and list everything here.

Blog9ja Review it is a premium blogging platform where you get paid for Reading, Commenting, Posting and Sharing News/Sponsored contents on your facebook timeline.

It is a new Start-up income program that is designed with the sole aim of helping Nigerians to earn extra cash online performing simple daily activities online.

You don’t have to invest too much of your time, just making out 30min out of your time is not much if you want to join the program.

The system is owned by Gold Multi – services Company Limited ┬«RC 2454848 thou we don’t know the name of the owner yet but once discussed with him on mobile before writing this review.

Blog9ja Review: Scam or Legit?

Many people are asking if this platform “Blog9ja Income Program” is a scam or a legit platform as it is a system which requires N1,400 for registration and nobody would want to risk his/her N1,400 at this recession Lol which is probably the reason why we wrote this Blog9ja Review.

Thou Blog9ja has two types of account which are;

Free Account and Premium Account.

1. Free Account: This is the type of account which you will get when you sign up for free on Blog9ja.


In Blog9ja free account you don’t need to pay a dime for you to sign up, its absolutely free.


The consequences of Blog9ja Free account is that you can’t earn with it until you uprade to the Premium account which costs only N1,400.

2. Paid Account: In this kind of account you can earn while Reading News, Commenting on News, Sharing News and Sponsored posts on your timeline and also by referring people which isn’t that necessary but necessary if you want to be cashing out huge amount of money.


In this type of account you have all the necessary features needed for you to earn and also withdraw.


Its the type of account which you have to pay N1,400 before you can be able to earn and withdraw, its not like the free account which you can’t earn with.

OK, Here comes the answer to this very question “Is Blog9ja Income Program Legit or Scam?“,

Blog9ja Income Program is a Legit Online income Program just like NNU (Nigerian News Update), but the only difference is that this platform pays you even without referrals and the one-time registration payment is cheaper than that of NNU.

Also You don’t need to refer people in other for you to cash out your earning on Blog9ja to your bank account.

And ever since we joined Blog9ja we’ve been cashing out weekly from it except when it had issues which has been permanently resolved.

How does blog9ja Work? (Blog9ja Review)

Blog9ja Income Program Pays,

  1. N50.00 each day you login
  2. N5.00 per post you read
  3. N2.00 per comment you make.
  4. N50.00 per post you make
  5. N100.00 per post you share
  6. N800.00 when you refer someone.

Blog9ja Method/Mode of Payment

Blog9ja Income Program pays through bank account only but its not that necessary you use your own account, incase you don’t have you can use a friend’s own or any of your relatives.

NOTE: You can’t withdraw until you have the minimum of N4,000 just like NNU but NNU minimum payout is N5,000 which requires 2 or more referral.

Blog9ja Review: Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

  • How do i become a members of Blog9ja?

    For you to become a complete Blog9ja member you just have to sign up and upgrade your account, Click Here

  • How much is blog9ja upgrade fee?

    Blog9ja Upgrade fee is N1,400 which is probably a one time payment.

  • Can i create multiple accounts with one email on Blog9ja?

    No, Blog9ja supports only one account per emai.

  • How can i Make payment to upgrade Blog9ja account

    In other to upgrade your Blog9ja account, After registration, Kindly Login to your account.

    From Your account dashboard , you will see their official bank account.

    Make payment of NGN1,400 to the account with bank transfer, ATM transfer or other transfer methods.

    From Your dashboard you will see Upgrade button, just click on it and upload your payment screenshot and your account will be upgraded automatically.

    The online payment method is also available.

Blog9ja Review: August Payment Screenshots

Below is the latest screenshot of Blog9ja payout Weekly as of when this article was published;

—Screenshot No Longer Available—


Quite Interesting right? Now,

Blog9ja Review on How to Sign Up or Register

If you wish to join Blog9ja income program after been cleared if its legit or scam, Kindly CLICK HERE to register with your N1,400 it’s a risk worth taking.

Firstly, you will have to;

1. Create a Username: This will be your Blog9ja username.

2. Input your facebook Username or profile url address.

3. Input your twitter username/profile url also, thou its not necessary.

Now fill your,

First Name, Second Name, Email Address, Mobile Number, Password and Confirm password that’s all.

You will be automatically signed up to their free account there you can upgrade to paid when you are ready.

If you’ve successfully signed up on Blog9ja the next thing is,

Blog9ja Review: What’s Next?

After you’ve successfully Signed Up for Blog9ja Premium account what comes to your mind is what’s next, but that’s not an issue.

When you’ve signed up on blog9ja successfully the next thing to do is to go to Profile Setting which is probably in the dashboard, just click Edit Profile and fill all the necessary details required.

If filled incorrectly it will be difficult for them to pay you when it’s time to, so just try and fill them correctly and start making money with your facebook account.

So What are you waiting for?


More details about Blog9ja to be rolled out soon, Don’t forget to drop your comments below.


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