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Let’s Play!! Unbelievable Things That Can Only Happen In Nigeria (See Ours & Add Yours)


Hello Guys,
How is your week going at yours, Hope it’s awesome?

I think everybody are going crazy in this country because there are some things happening in this country that’s abnormal and can never happen in other country except Nigeria.

We want you all to see our own list and then feel free to add yours.

Check out the list below

1. NEPA Offices using generators.

2. The Chairmen of Okada Riders Union driving SUVs.

3. The CEO of Innoson Motors driving a Range Rover.

4. The Nigeria Policemen tieing their stations’ generators with chains to prevent theft.

5. Female Gynecologists seeking help from herbalists to get pregnant.

6. Pentecostals Pastors & GOs driving bulletproof cars , moving with arrays of armed soldiers, living in bullet & bomb proof wall buildings but covering church members with the blood of Jesus.

7. Atiku promising to fight corruption in Nigeria.

8. Davido as an Infinix Ambassador using iPhone X Max.

9. Babalawo teaching people how to become Rich but live in abject poverty.

Can you imagine that?

Now, Add something that you know or think can only happen in Nigeria alone.

Add Yours To The List.

Let’s go😃😃

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